Walking route Neer: De Neerbeek

Steeg 6
6086 EK
Wandelroute Neer

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Length: 6.7 km

The walk starts behind the monumental St Martin's Church. Through the side entrance you can take a look inside the church, behind glass. You pass the former town hall and pass the monumental residence 'Maxe-Grete'. You continue your way past brewery Lindeboom until you reach Kinkhoven, one of Neer's oldest streets. In the distance, you can see the confluence of several streams from the Leudal. On the Neerbeek is the old Hammermolen, where grain was milled and wood saws were driven. Here you can see the fish ladders and then the 'Naerse Sjans' where, during the Middle Ages, villagers holed up for fear of robber barons. On the other side of the dike is the 'bypass' that drains the impounded water to the Meuse at high tide.

Further along is the Friedesse mill, named after its first owner Godefridus Tobben. Hidden between trees on the right is an old Roman road which, as far as is known now, ran from Tongeren to Nijmegen. There were also Roman structures here, the remains of which have been found. A little further on, you come to Klein Hanssum and see the meandering Neerbeek. You can then enjoy a special Maas panorama at the Meuse. Via the Vilgert, through the Veurtje (formerly a fordable place) and 't Kirkepaedje' you walk back to the starting point behind the church.



Route: 5-10 km.
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